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Welcome to the Real Estate section on abc27.com!  Where you live, work and play are important factors in buying or renting property.  That is why abc27 has launched a new Real Estate section.  An all in one place to search for up-to-date Real Estate listings, find New Home Communities, Residential Rentals and Home Improvement Specialists in Central Pennsylvania.

How to organize your garage

Are you asking yourself "How did my garage get this way?" Here are some specific steps to help you organize your garage. More>>

What are the best scented candles for every room?

Candles quickly create a soft, romantic ambiance when placed in any room, and can be used throughout the house as both décor and lighting. More>>

Winter bedroom design ideas

If you're feeling inspired by snow covered mountains, luxurious furs and rural woods, create a warm and comfortable winter bedroom design. More>>

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  • Outdoor winter party ideas

    Outdoor winter party ideas

    If you have great weather all year long, or even if you don't, try throwing an outdoor winter party this year, and celebrate the season surrounded by nature. With the right decorations, lighting and accessories, your winter party is sure to rival the best of summer BBQs.More >>
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