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Stricter gun laws not the answer, 2nd Amendment defenders say

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GLEN ROCK, Pa. (WHTM) - Defenders of the Second Amendment say stricter gun enforcement - as proposed by York's Kim Bracey and other mayors in the wake of a mass shooting in Tucson - is not the real solution to keeping firearms from dangerous people.

"We've got people with problems, we don't have a piece of hardware with a problem," said Scott Morris, an NRA member and president of the Freedom Armory in Glen Rock.

"If that criminal had used a truck and driven through that crowd and killed 20 people, they wouldn't be trying to get rid of trucks or cars, but for some magical reason when it comes to a gun, they want to try some way of making people feel that they're doing something by picking on a piece of hardware," he continued.

Bracey is for tightening up some gun laws. In a speech Tuesday, she and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition called for changes to background checks to make it harder for people with criminal, mental, and behavioral issues to buy a gun.

Morris said tougher laws are no guarantee a criminal won't get their hands on a gun.

"For anybody to rationally think, first of all, that a piece of hardware is the reason, or the way to stop criminals or mentally deranged people from actually committing crimes is kind of a ludicrous statement," Morris said. "Instead of dealing with the mental problems or criminal problems, they just want to talk about hardware."

Morris says law abiding citizens with legal guns and proper training should be part of the solution, because no law can stop a criminal from getting guns.

"He can go out on the street corner and buy an illegal gun all day long," Morris said.

Bracey told abc27 News that she supports law abiding citizens having guns, but said the priority is to keep guns away from the people who have no business owning them.

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