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Columbia man develops stink bug trap

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Dennis Buterbaugh
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COLUMBIA, Pa. (WHTM) - A Lancaster County man is among the budding inventors working to stop the home nuisance and serious crop damage from stink bugs.

Andrew Strube of Columbia, who used to work on airplanes, decided to build his own trap because stink bugs were bugging him so much at home.

"It got so bad in the spring that we couldn't even walk in and out the doors, swatting them from our heads," he said.

Strube developed an adhesives and added a scent that stink bugs like, then spread it on a plastic pipe full of holes and added a light bulb.

"Months of different testing and tried different adhesives, different scents," he said.

He said the trap works, so he's selling them online for about $50 and is looking for investors. He's also working on larger models to prevent crop damage in fruit orchards.

Other inventors across the country are selling traps, but a state Department of Agriculture entomologist said the devices may not make a difference because there are so many of the pesky bugs.

"You would simply be collecting more and more and more," Sven-Eirk Spichiger said. "Unless you actually take care of the problem where they're coming from, you're not really going to dent the population at all."

Spichiger said finding something the bugs want to avoid may be a better approach.

"If people are working on a way to control these, think about working on a repellent more than thinking about working on a trap," he said.

There are more than 100 species of stink bugs in North America, but it's the Brown Marmorated stink bug that's the real pest.

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