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Pa. bill would revamp teen driver laws

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - A Pennsylvania representative has unveiled legislation to update the state's teen driving laws.

Rep. Kathy Watson said Monday that her bill would increase from 50 to 65 the hours of behind-the-wheel training permit holders must have before they can take the test for their junior license.

Watson said ten hours of training would have to be at night and five should be during inclement weather.

House Bill 9 would limit the number of teen passengers a junior license holder could have to one, with exceptions for family members, and it would make violations of the seat belt and booster seat laws a primary offense, allowing police to stop any driver for no other reason than an unbuckled occupant under the age of 18.

Watson said Pennsylvania is just one of seven states with no teen passenger limits. Her bill is under consideration by the House Transportation Committee.

The Bucks County Republican said she intends to introduce a separate bill that would make it illegal for teens to text from their cell phones while behind the wheel.

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