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City Island to reopen Tuesday

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Chris Cekot
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Part of City Island in Harrisburg is still closed because of the muddy mess left behind by the Susquehanna River.

Firefighters spent Monday hosing down a parking lot. It's expected to reopen Tuesday morning for those who work in Harrisburg.

The ball field at Metro Bank Park was under three feet of water on Saturday when the Susquehanna River was at its highest. Good thing for the Harrisburg Senators the season is still weeks away.

"We probably would have lost a few games," Harrisburg Senators President Kevin Kulp said. "If this had happened closer to opening day, we probably could have been in a little more trouble."

Kulp credits his crew's hard work, who scrambled to protect property before the flood.

"We moved a lot of stuff that we knew would get wet, and then it was really a matter of just waiting for it to recede to asses the damage and how dirty it was going to be," Kulp said.

Shipoke resident Sharon Herzog considered the event "a nuisance flood."

Herzog prepared for the worst last week and moved items out of her basement just in case. Turns out, her sump pump prevented a flood. Herzog's effort on Monday was more of a clean-out than a clean-up.

"Instead of taking things to the basement that we didn't use for the past year, we're getting rid of it," Herzog said.

The Senators may need to toss a couple of coolers possibly ruined by flooding. The rising water came dangerously close to the electrical system.

"We're lucky the water didn't get any higher," Kulp said. "Another foot and a half probably would have meant a lot more trouble for us."

Harrisburg city workers were out dealing with flood issues over the weekend. According to the mayor's office, the city did not have to pay out any overtime due to careful planning and scheduling.

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