Newport Weather - Juniata River Flood Stage & Forecast - abc27 WHTM

Flood Impacts:

Record flooding is expected on the Juniata in the vicinity of Newport. Water levels are expected to exceed the experienced in the March of 1936 flood and with Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

Almost the entire business district and a large residential area are affected by high water. Approximately 50 percent of Newport is inundated.

Considerable flooding occurs on both banks. Most streets in the business district are closed. Numerous homes and businesses are affected.

The right...or south bank overflows. Streets begin to be affected by high water. Most of the business District and a large residential area are affected.

Considerable flooding occurs along the left...or north bank and in low lying areas near tributary streams on the right...or south bank.

High water affects low lying areas on the left...or north bank and near tributaries on the right or south bank. Several homes are affected.

The left...or north bank overflows. The first floor of several homes in low lying areas will flood.

Considerable basement flooding occurs due to backwater from tributary streams.

Backwater from tributary streams affects basements of a number of homes.

(Image and information courtesy of the National Weather Service)
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