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  • Project Childsafe

    Project Childsafe

    Project Childsafe is a nationwide program, developed and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, that promotes safe firearms handling and storage procedures among firearms owners through the distribution of safety education messages and free gun locks.More >>
  • Patterning your shotgun for spring turkey

    Patterning your shotgun for spring turkey

    Turkey season! You've scouted the birds, perfected your calling, chosen the right camo and you're ready to go. Nope, not yet. Before you step out into the turkey woods there is one more very important step to ensuring your success: patterning your shotgun.More >>
  • House Bill 1576

    House Bill 1576

    Introduced in June of last year by Representative Jeffrey Pyle, House Bill 1576 has caused more stir in the outdoor community than anything in recent memory. Tabbed the Endangered Species Coordination Act, it's aim was to establish a uniform and transparent process for evaluating, designating and protecting threatened and endangered species and their critical habitats.
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  • Winter Effects on Wildlife

    Winter Effects on Wildlife

    There is no doubt that this has been one of the most severe winters in many years. Heavy snows, ice storms, record colds and high winds have all combined to make this a winter to remember. Thank goodness for heavy clothes and well- heated homes. But what about those less fortunate who have to live their lives outside, dealing with the elements to survive? How has this harsh winter weather affected wildlife?More >>
  • Wooden Bird Carver

    Wooden Bird Carver

    This has been an exceptionally hard winter for wildlife, small birds in particular. Bird feeders this year have attracted large numbers of songbirds seeking some nourishment to get them through this harsh winter. So many of us enjoy watching the birds come to the feeders; the variety and color keep us amused for hours. An alternative to sitting at the window for a fleeting glance of a visitor is to bring the birds inside and watch them year round.More >>
  • Protecting your guns

    Protecting your guns

    If you are a gun owner, you are certainly aware of the increased scrutiny of you and your firearms in today's atmosphere. The illegal and criminal use of guns has stirred the emotions on both sides of the issue.More >>
  • Practice makes perfect shooting

    Practice makes perfect shooting

    Whether you are a target shooter or a hunter, being as accurate as possible with your firearm is not only a necessity, it makes your sport more fun as well. And just like with any other sport, practice makes perfect.More >>
  • Antler Art

    Antler Art

    Decorating our homes with art depicting the outdoors not only enhances our appreciation of the natural world, but can also bring back memories of time spent afield. Whether it be flat art, three-dimensional pieces like decoys and statues, even taxidermy - bringing the outdoors inside reminds us of the many wonders of nature.More >>
  • Choosing an outboard motor

    Choosing an outboard motor

    The weight and horsepower of an outboard motor is a critical decision for boat owners, and so is getting the right motor for the right job. Being underpowered or overpowered has a dramatic influence on performance and efficiency.
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  • Bow fishing for carp

    Bow fishing for carp

    For archery hunters who want to sharpen their skills during the off-season and anglers who want the challenge of a new sport, bow fishing for carp may be the ticket.More >>
  • Fishing for muskies

    Fishing for muskies

    Anticipating the savage strike of a muskellunge hitting your lure is enough to get an angler addicted to fishing for muskies. These are big strong fish and they demand big strong tackle, but getting a musky to strike your lure takes planning.More >>
  • Crafting bamboo fly rods a true art form

    Crafting bamboo fly rods a true art form

    Fly fishing has come a long way. The modern rods we have available to us today utilize the latest in strong, flexible materials and rods are custom built to fill the needs of anglers worldwide - from tiny flea rods that use the smallest of lines and leaders to monster rods built to tackle the largest of salt water species. But despite the advances in rod building over the years, there is nothing - nothing like the look, feel and performance of a fine handmade bamboo rod.More >>
  • Choosing the Right Hunting Dog

    Choosing the Right Hunting Dog

    The American Kennel Club recognizes over 150 breeds of dogs, with yet another 400 crossbreeds. Picking the right dog for you can be daunting. Especially in choosing a hunting dog, you have to ask yourself some questions to make sure you have chosen the best breed for your type of hunting.More >>
  • Olympic medalist shows off shooting skills

    Olympic medalist shows off shooting skills

    Vincent Hancock is a World Champion in International Skeet and has won gold in the last two Olympics, setting numerous records all along the way. Hancock spends a lot of time traveling around the country training potential athletes who want to be better.More >>
  • Composting for the environment

    Composting for the environment

    This is the time of year when homeowners are spending a lot of time and effort cleaning up their yards and spreading mulch around trees, shrubs and gardens. The old leaves, broken trees and damaged and clipped shrubbery need to be cleared away and the mulch brought in and spread. This can lead to considerable cost as well as a burden on the environment. Well, many municipalities have come to the aid of their residents and are recycling leaves and yard waste and turning it into mulch.More >>
  • Pa. Game Commission offers course for turkey hunters

    Pa. Game Commission offers course for turkey hunters

    The Pennsylvania Game Commission has predicted a banner year for spring turkey hunting. Populations are high so this just may be the year you finally connect on that big old boss gobbler. On the other hand, you may be a novice turkey hunter and are overwhelmed with everything you need to know. Scouting, calling, decoys, camo, shotguns and loads - where do you start? Well, the Commission has instituted a new, advance hunter education course especially for you.More >>
  • Keystone Shooting Park

    Keystone Shooting Park

    The world of the Olympics and World competition has come to Pennsylvania. The newly opened Keystone Shooting Park in Dalmatia, Northumberland County is home to a world-class training facility specifically designed for world class skeet and trap shooters to hone their skills.More >>
  • Homemade Topwater Lures

    Homemade Topwater Lures

    You just can't beat the thrill of having a trophy bass explode out of the water and smack a lure. but finding the right topwater stuff can be a problem. So what does the creative angler do? Make your own.More >>
  • Homemade Crankbaits

    Homemade Crankbaits

    Have you checked the prices on fishing lures lately? Talk about sticker shock. If you are a serious fisherman, spending a lot of time on the water, you've been spending a lot of money keeping your tackle boxes full of quality tackle.More >>
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    The mighty Susquehanna is the major tributary to the Chesapeake Bay and affects millions of folks along its entire length. Thanks to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the problems associated with the river will not be pushed aside and forgotten.More >>
  • Building Bluebird Boxes

    Building Bluebird Boxes

    The remarkable recovery of the eastern bluebird is one of the country's most amazing birding success stories. From the 1920's to the 1970's, bluebird populations plummeted due to loss of habitat and food, and an increase in predators. But people responded and their numbers have proliferated.More >>
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