Harrisburg seeking public input on Vision Zero plan

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - Harrisburg city engineer Wayne Martin is helping to launch Vision Zero, a program popular in Europe that aims to eliminate traffic-related deaths.

Harrisburg has seen traffic-related deaths double since 2014.

"What we are doing now is we are going to develop an action plan and we are looking for feedback," Martin said.

The city has posted a survey on It is open to the 42,000 commuters coming into Harrisburg every day and those who live in the city.

The current survey focuses on State Street, one of the hot spots for accidents and fatalities. The city already is holding pop-up meetings with the public and collecting data.

"We do have devices out there that are measuring speed," Martin said.

Martin says speed is one of the things causing issues in Harrisburg, like the area on North Front Street that ABC27 highlighted in a report earlier this month.

"The problem with pedestrians and bicyclists on certain roads, like Front Street, for example, is there is a disparity in the speeds that they are traveling," Martin said. "That is speed differential and that's where you have conflicts. Could you see a speed reduction on Front Street or another street? Possibly. Could you see additional signage?  Most certainly." 

The Vision Zero concept has been met with some controversy in other cities, which found adding new signs and lowering speed limits still did not eliminate the problem of distracted drivers or pedestrians and bicyclists who don't follow the law. 

Harrisburg aims to adopt a Vision Zero plan by the end of 2018. 

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