Kinzers man sentenced to prison in 2014 horse and buggy crash

CHRISTIANA, Pa. (WHTM) - A Kinzers man has plead guilty to felony hit-and-run charges related to a horse and buggy crash in 2014.

In a plea agreement with the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office, Michael Lee Roe admitted to striking a horse-drawn buggy carrying an Amish family, then fleeing the scene.

Judge Margaret Miller ordered Roe to three to 23 months in prison, followed by three years of probation.

Members of the family involved in the crash suffered injuries including two broken facial bones and a concussion.

A tip led investigators to an Atglen home where contact was made with Roe's father and grandfather.

The silver Honda Civic that Roe was reportedly driving during the crash was discovered inside the home's garage. The hood, roof, doors and bumper were all cut off the car, according to police.

Roe denied striking the buggy and claimed he struck a deer, however, investigators say car pieces left at the crash scene matched Roe's car.

Roe is expected to report to Lancaster County Prison Friday night.

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