Train station plans don't include newsstand

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - Coffee, books, and a welcoming smile: Transit News has it all, but the 26-year-old business may be moving off the tracks.

The Harrisburg Transportation Center is getting a multi-million dollar renovation. Current plans would expand the restrooms into the Amtrak office to make them ADA-compliant. Amtrak offices would go where Transit News is now.

"Next to nobody goes in the Amtrak offices, but like 10,000 people a month come here to my store every month," Transit News owner Bill Cologie said.

Transit News could move to one of three kiosks available for retailers.

"Anyone who's a regular customer here knows we can't do all that we do from a kiosk or even three kiosks," Cologie said.

Cologie wants to see the plans change so his customers can still get their favorite items.

"I think we have heard more questions from Amtrak travelers and addressed more concerns from Amtrak travelers than anyone, even the Amtrak people, and we had no input," he said.

PennDOT says the plans are not final. Officials are meeting with Cologie later this week.

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