Tree companies warn of dead trees

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - Residents are cleaning up after storms ripped through their neighborhoods Tuesday night.

Dozens of trees fell on homes, cars and power lines. Tree companies say they will be busy this week cleaning up the mess.

"The storm we had last night was severe and when we have winds that high, all bets are off. A big tree in that type of wind, under the circumstances, they're not going to stay up," said Jon Schach, an arborist with Good's Tree Care.

Experts say older trees in between a road and a sidewalk are often at risk of falling.

You can prevent trees from falling by regularly trimming branches.

"End weight reduction to sort of have less of a sail for winds to push upon, reducing that force that could cause a tree to uproot or break in parts," Schach said.

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