Wolf proposes trimming licensing rules for barbers, other jobs

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - A barber is one of the nation's oldest professions, but it is still regulated by rules conceived in the 1900's.

Gov. Tom Wolf is recommending a handful of job requirement changes, including cutting licensing requirements that bar people from certain professions.

"Our current licensing requirements for barbers are held over from a time when your barber could also perform some medical procedures," Wolf said.

Frank Morris has been a barber for decades. He even teaches inmates how to cut and clip at Camp Hill Prison. Now, he runs his own school above his shop in Harrisburg. He'd like the state to end the ban on ex-cons getting a license.

"Because someone can go to school, and do all of their hours, and pay their money, and then be denied," said Morris.

The governor is calling for a repeal of the automatic 10-year ban on licensing for anyone convicted of a drug felony.

"Instead, boards should rely on the criminal history of an applicant, granting a more realistic look at where a person is in their journey from the things that they did, the actions that they took," said Wolf.

The governor is leaving it up to the legislature to make the regulation changes.

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