Man carries cross to promote peace, love

WHTM Staff - GRANTVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) - He's carrying a cross across the country to promote peace and love, and Arthur Hollands is make the journey one step at a time from California to New York.

He was near Grantville on Tuesday when ABC27 News caught up with him.

Hollands, of Tokyo, Japan, said he's been walking 20 miles a day, every day, six days a week.

"I think life is a challenge until you die," he said, "and I think to take a challenge is important."

Hollands, 63, says he's not trying to give people a message.

"Just a silent message through walking is my way of doing things," he said.

But he does hope to encourage people.

"Carrying the cross is a sign of peace and love, so I hope I'll be encouragement to people in some way."

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