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Ice Hockey Game Will Benefit Teen Battling Cancer


Allie Speck began feeling sick about a year ago.

"I went around to a lot of different doctors and nobody could tell me what was wrong " Speck said.  "So then I just went to college sick."

The Marysville teen began her freshman year at Messiah College but things started to get worse.  She began losing weight and she developed a visible lump on her abdomen.

In January Speck was diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma.  Doctors said she had a cancerous tumor on her liver the size of a cantaloupe.  There were also several smaller tumors nearby.

They tried to remove the large tumor which Speck's friends nicknamed "Carl " but it was too big.  Speck who was the Homecoming queen at Susquenita High School began chemotherapy treatments to shrink the tumor and last week received good news.

"I just found out that all of the tumors have shrunk " Speck said.  "The biggest one shrunk an inch-and-a-half and the other ones went down to half their size so that was really exciting."

Dauphin County police and firefighters want to help Speck continue her fight. That's why this year they'll give her the proceeds from their annual ice hockey game. 

"It's just a carry over from the jobs that we do to the ice " said organizer Mac McClurg.  "All we ever do all we ever know is how to help different people and make their lives better for them."

Speck said the money will be a relief for her family.  They have to spend money on medications and trips to Johns Hopkins in Maryland for her treatments.

"And my dad hasn't been able to work because he stays at home and takes care of me when I'm sick " Speck said.

The support is enough to bring her mother Zina to tears.

"People's hearts are good " Zina Speck said.  "And people want to do things to make a good difference."

Speck has maintained a positive attitude and a sense of humor.  Her friend made a bracelet that says  "God is BIGGER than Carl."  She said support from others like the police and firefighters will inspire her to continue her fight.

"It's like I'm not just doing it for me I'm doing it for everyone that's supporting me " Speck said.

"If this helps her mentally and emotionally it can only get better for her physically " McClurg said.

The game will be held Friday April 16th at Twin Ponds East in Harrisburg.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.  The puck drops at 6:00 p.m..


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