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Welcome To An All New Brett's Blog!

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An unsettled zone will be over Pennsylvania for the next several days... An unsettled zone will be over Pennsylvania for the next several days...

August 2, 2010

Welcome to the all new Brett's Blog!  I hope this new look is better for all of the loyal readers out there who have made Brett's Blog successful over the past several years.  I will continue to try and post as much fresh content as possible and I would like to do a better job of fielding your questions.  Please send any questions or comments to brettsblog@abc27.com and I will once again try and get the Questions & Answers segment up and running.  It's important for me to hear from you.  Let's make this an interactive blog where we can discuss current weather issues and events together.  When we say "Working For You", we really mean it!  Now onto today's brand new blog...

A quick check of the current weather situation and you know that we are in for some unsettled days ahead.  The main concern is a stationary front sitting off the coast that could spark an afternoon thunderstorm or two.  Today and tomorrow should remain fairly quiet, with the humidity making its return by tomorrow afternoon.  An isolated shower or storm cannot be ruled out, but I believe a better chance for some active weather will come Wednesday and Thursday when two more cold fronts pass through the Commonwealth.  Temperatures by mid-week will sky-rocket back into the lower 90s.  The surface map paints the picture for the unsettled zone that we find ourselves located within.  The good news is that Friday and the upcoming weekend look a lot nicer and cooler!

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Being that August has arrived, I also wanted to take a look back at July's weather around these parts.  We know it was hot, but exactly how hot?  The average temperature for the month was 79.3 degrees, which is 3.4 degrees above normal.  Impressive no doubt, but what about actual numbers?  16 out of July's 31 days saw a high temperature of 90 degrees or above.  We had one day where HIA hit 100 degrees officially.  Meanwhile, we only saw two days where the temperature was at or below 80 degrees.  Despite all that heat, no records were broken last month! The record high temperature for the month is 107 degrees set on July 3, 1966.  The record low was set on July 12, 1945 at 49 degrees.  The highest and lowest temperatures for 2010 were 100 degrees set on July 6 and 56 degrees back on July 2.

We did set a record in the precipitation department, however.  A record daily rainfall of 1.38 inches fell at Harrisburg International Airport on July 10.  That broke the old record of 1.34 inches set in 1942.  In July 2010, 5.80 inches fell and that was 2.59 inches above normal.  That's very interesting considering that the first seven days of the month were bone dry.  1969 saw the most rain during the month of July at 9.72 inches.  Meanwhile, the driest July is still 1955 with 0.78 inches of rain.  One more note about rainfall...the greatest 24 hour total for the past month was 2.17 inches set on July 12 through July 13.

Once again, thanks for sticking with my blog through this web site transition.  Ultimately, I think this will be better for all of us.  Remember to send any and all questions, comments, and concerns to brettsblog@abc27.com and I will try and start posting my answers soon.  In the meantime, have a great Monday and check back here soon for updates!

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