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Global Warming: The Other Side Part IV

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September 1, 2010

Today continues my look at the issue of global warming by presenting a series of video clips from the special Global Warming: The Other Side hosted by John Coleman, chief meteorologist at KUSI in San Diego.  Last week we looked at the issue of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Is it a pollutant?  Some say no and perhaps without it, life as we know it would be dramatically different or not even exist.  If you haven't seen the first three parts of this series, check them out here on the blog.

Now we shift our attention to the man behind the global warming debacle.  Mr. Al Gore, former congressman and vice president, is the man who stirred the pot when it comes to this hot button topic.  However, as you'll find out by watching below, Mr. Gore had a mentor in college who started him down the path to obsession with global warming and CO2 emissions.  The man's name is Roger Revelle.  Who is he?  John Coleman explains below.  Revelle's involvement with Gore was accidental and he didn't lead him down this road intentionally.  Also, would you believe that Revelle was also skeptical of climate change?  All this is examined below and it is truly fascinating.  I'll post another segment next week and tomorrow I'll take a look at the latest Hurricane Earl track.  Stay cool out there today! No pun intended here.

Global Warming: The Other Side Part IV

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