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A Brief Return To Summer?

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September 7, 2010

I just wanted to write a quick blog today about the one day return to summer-like heat.  Other than today, the rest of my current seven-day forecast shows highs in the 70s and lower 80s through next Monday.  Many folks have been clamoring for this type of weather since July, while suffering through all those hazy, 90 degree days.  Today will bring a return to summer-like temperatures, although I think many places will stay in the 80s.  The other good news is that the humidity will not be all that high.  I don't know about you, but I can take the heat, as long as the humidity is low.  Let's look at the set-up today...

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The warm air is rushing in thanks to return flow behind a departing area of high pressure.  There is also going to be a rather nice southwesterly breeze this afternoon ahead of the approaching cold front from the Midwest.  Tropical Storm Hermine is also battering the Texas Gulf Coast.  She will have no bearing on our weather, but it is worth pointing out.  The front on the map will swing through the Commonwealth tonight and bring clouds our way.  It could also trigger a stray shower or two very early tomorrow morning.  We have not had a drop of rain since August 24th.  We could certainly use it, although I'm betting most places stay dry.

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Today's projected highs certainly reflect the building heat today.  Washington will be near 90 and there will be plenty of hot weather in the south.  New Orleans, Orlando, and Atlanta are all supposed to reach 90 today.  Don't get used to this heat, though.  As I mentioned above, tomorrow will be cooler and Thursday and Friday look cooler still.  The front coming through tonight will do more for the temperatures than for the dry ground.  I'm hoping for some rain this weekend, but even that looks questionable.  I'll have more on that possibility later this week.  Enjoy your Tuesday!

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