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Global Warming: The Other Side Part V

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September 15, 2010

Today I want to continue with the series on global warming entitled Global Warming: The Other Side.  John Coleman, chief meteorologist as KUSI in San Diego, put together a show focusing on the hot topic of global warming.  Each Wednesday, I have posted a segment of his program to my blog in order to get those of you interested in the topic to see things a different way.  There is more than one side to the global warming debate.  Scientifically speaking, we must look at all available data, not simply the carbon dioxide issue or what the IPCC issues in its reports.  Speaking of the IPCC, or the International Panel on Climate Change, Coleman talks about that panel and the United Nations in today's segment.  What is the real data?  Take some time and join John Coleman with his investigation behind the issue of global warming and what is really happening with the earth's temperatures.

Global Warming: The Other Side Part V

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