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October Review: Warm & Dry

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November 1, 2010

At the beginning of every month, I like to look back on the previous month and see what we can take from it in terms of climate.  October 2010 did not have any earth shattering weather events around here, but there are a few things that stand out.  Let's delve deeper into the numbers...

The mean temperature last month at Harrisburg International Airport was 55.9 degrees.  This is actually 1.4 degrees above normal.  It was a warm month during October.  We actually had 14 days where the temperature reached 70 degrees or higher.  That's almost half the month!  This seems to be following right in line with the warm summer that we had this past year.  The highest temperature recorded last month occurred on October 11 at 80 degrees.  The highest temperature ever recorded during October at HIA was 97 back on October 7, 1941.  Last month's low was 35 recorded on the morning of October 30.  The record low for the month was recorded on October 24, 1969 at 23 degrees.  October can certainly have its extremes, but this year, nothing too wild stood out in the temperature department.

The rain gauge at the airport recorded 2.54 inches during October 2010.  This was 0.52 inches under the average for the month.  While normally we record over 3 inches during October, this year was slightly dry, but again...nothing too wild or overly impressive.  We only recorded some form of rainfall on 13 out of 31 days last month which probably helped the rainfall totals be somewhat under whelming.  The greatest 24 hour total actually came as the beginning of the month between September 30 and October 1 with 3.27 inches.  Most of that obviously fell on the 30th.  For some perspective, the record for most rainfall in October is 9.87 inches back in 1976.  The driest October on record was back in 1924 with only 0.02 inches of rain!

October 2010 was fairly calm and I'm wondering what that means for the upcoming winter.  We had no flurries during October and I'm not really expecting any through the first week of November.  NOAA released their winter outlook last week and I didn't get the chance for blog about it just yet.  I'm hoping to get to it later this week...stay tuned!

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