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Harrisburg: Boil water advisory in effect until Thursday

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A boil water advisory is still in effect in parts of Harrisburg after a second water main break.

The city began installing a bypass line Tuesday afternoon to temporarily bridge the water main. Crews discovered a second "tear" around 3:00 a.m. Both breaks are the result of a construction accident by an outside contractor late Sunday night.

Residents in the low-lying areas of the city are being advised to boil their drinking and cooking water until at least Thursday.

"The boil water advisory is still in effect -- it hasn't changed," public works director Ernie Hoch said. "We have to get two clear tests. We can't take the first test until we get the pipe shut down."

The state capitol and HACC were both closed Tuesday to conserve water. Harrisburg schools were open, however, and students were asked to bring bottles of water with them.

"My daughter said she drank out of the water fountain yesterday and I just hope she didn't get sick from it," mother Chantelle Parker said.

Many residents said a trip to the grocery store is easier than boiling water.

"I have teenagers at home and they're not going to boil the water," city resident Meliza Gillespie said. "They're just going to drink it so I just have to cut them off at the door."

The city said water pressure has not been affected yet, but as crews work into the night, it might be. They said they are hoping most residents will be asleep and will not notice a drop in pressure. All affected households will be notified "hours in advance," Hoch said.

A decision about whether to close the state capitol for a third day in a row will be made later Tuesday evening, according to a city spokesperson.

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