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Does 'red light therapy' really help your skin?

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Planet Fitness on the Carlisle Pike in Hampden Township is touting something called Red Light Therapy.  It looks like a tanning booth, but you stand in it  - and it does not give off UV rays.  Instead the floor vibrates, and the booth showers you with intense red light.

Yvonne Smith, 43, of Marysville, heard about it and wanted to try it.  "I heard that it should help the fine lines and wrinkles...and it should help collagen production with no bad side effects" said Smith.

Stephen Kindler of Planet Fitness says the vibration increases blood circulation, and the intense red light helps with the production of collagen.  "Your body will actually absorb the red light as a source of energy and help recruit these proteins called collagen and elastin, which will help in terms of producing more toned, firm skin", said Kindler.

 "It'll also help if you have things like arthritis, tendonitis," Kindler said. "Again, it will bring oxygenated blood to those sites to help with the healing process."

But don't expect miracles overnight.  You must go at least 3 times a week for 12-minute sessions over a 90 day period.  Then you may see results.  

Yvonne has had about 10 sessions and she wants to stick with it, even though she hasn't seen results yet.  "It's supposed to take 3 months though," she said.

There's no charge for members to use Red Light Therapy if they have an upgraded Planet Fitness membership.

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