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From the soil to the table, Green Room brings crops full circle

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A downtown Carlisle restaurant is working to serve quality food to its customers and to educate them on making healthier food choices.  It's also going green in the process.

Chef Jason Turner of the Green Room restaurant said that starts with using fresh ingredients.  His menu features locally grown, organic food.  Partnering with local growers is his way of ensuring the meals he prepares are of the highest quality.

To him, buying produce is like forming a partnership.

"I think its a very cohesive relationship," Turner said.  "It's gone on for centuries and I think now we are starting to get back into it, and I think people realize the importance of where things come from and who handles it ultimately."

Turner knows exactly where his food comes from.  The baby greens used in salads come from the Chicano Sol Farm in Perry County.

It's a "mom and pop operation," but the eight-acre farm produces flavorful, nutritious ingredients.  Plus, the proximity of the farm to the Green Room, means what is on your plate, could have been in the ground, just hours before.

If you haven't tried it, Jarrah Cernas of Chicano Sol Farms, said you should.

"If you've only had store-bought, you'll think its a totally new vegetable when you try it locally grown," Cernas said.

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