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Event benefits family of boy abducted in Egypt

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The family of a Franklin County boy abducted while visiting his father in Egypt held a fundraiser for his mother over the weekend.

Eleven-year-old Stefano Khalil Atteya, who also goes by "Nikko," was last seen by his mother on August 1 as they traveled from Cairo International Airport to the city of Port Said. His family said the boy was in a taxi cab with his father, Mohammad Atteyah, who pushed Nikko's mother away from the door and ordered the driver to go.

Nikko's mother refuses to leave the country without her son, and legal fees are adding up. To raise money, the family held a fundraiser Sunday at the Fayetteville Fire Department.

Olga Panagos, Nikko's aunt, said the family is concerned for the boy's health and well-being.

"He has to be very uncomfortable," Panagos said. "He doesn't speak the language. He has health issues, he has asthma, has inhalers, which his father sent the inhalers back with the luggage, so we don't even know if he's getting the medical treatment that he needs."

The American embassy in Egypt and the U.S. State Department are involved in the search for Nikko.

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