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Brett's Blog Set To Return In 2012!

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December 15, 2011

What a fall we have had!  Not only have we had crazy weather, but a lot has changed at abc27 since I last posted.  We have a new meteorologist on our team in Ryan Coyle and our station has undergone a transition to HD.  Next up: our weather graphics will be getting a brand new look (also in HD) as we get ready to enter 2012.  We are excited about what's ahead for our weather team.  We have launched a Facebook page exclusively dedicated to weather...please "like" us on Facebook at "abc27 Weather".  I have launched a Twitter account @BrettThack where I post not only about weather, but many, many topics.  Follow me if you would like!

Change can be exciting and we are excited to enter 2012 fully prepared and equipped to deal with any possible weather that's thrown our way.  2011 saw everything from record tornados, to July heat, Hurricane Irene, an earthquake along the east coast, record September rainfall, an early October Nor'easter, and a mild start to the cold season.  If 2012 has more wild stuff around the corner, we are even more ready now than we were before.  From new graphics (soon to be launched) to Facebook, Twitter, the abc27 Weather Channel, abc27.com and this blog (more in a moment)...there has never been a better way to stay connected to the StormTrack team.  Take some time and explore all these options along with watching abc27 everyday for the latest forecast.

The blog will be re-launched in the new year as soon as we launch our new look.  With Facebook and Twitter receiving a good deal of my attention (and as faster means to transmit information), I'm hoping this blog will serve as a way for me to go a little more in-depth with weather forecasting.  For example, La Nina is strengthening in the Pacific as I write this.  This could indicate a warm and not so snowy winter for the Midstate.  This would be a topical article only found here on the blog.  If digging deep into the weather forecast is your thing, this will be the place for you.

My apologies for not posting in several months...there has been a lot to do!  Now that things are calming down (both here and hopefully with the forecast) I will have more time to write blog articles.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a blessed New Year!  Until next time (which should be very soon in 2012)...

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