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Police: Robbers targeted people in wheelchairs

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Two crimes that happened just a few miles apart in Franklin County in November have a lot in common. In both cases the victims were in wheelchairs, and now police say the suspect in both cases is the same man.

The first crime happened on November 5th, when Chambersburg Police say a man was robbed on Black Avenue.

The victim, who was in a wheelchair, said two men approached him.  He said one of the men grabbed the handles of his wheelchair so he couldn't get away, and the other said "we want all of your money."

The victim surrendered all the cash he had on him at the time, and the men left.

The crime shocked the community. Chambersburg Police Chief David Arnold said the nature of the crime was bad enough, but targeting a victim with a physical disability made it even worse.

"I put it in the same category as people who seek out the elderly as their victims -- to take advantage of those in our society who really can't protect themselves -- I mean, it just says about the cowardice of a person being involved in this kind of thing," he said.

As officers investigated that crime, just a few miles away another shocking incident happened at a grocery store in Hamilton Township.

State troopers say they were called to investigate there after a red Salvation Army kettle was stolen. The victim was also in a wheelchair.

As it turns out, Chambersburg Police and State Police both found evidence leading them to each charge Kyle Caccio for each crime.

Caccio does not have a listed address, and now there are two warrants for his arrest.

Anyone with more information is asked to get in touch with police.

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