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Pa. lawmaker plans bill to close 'triple dipping' loophole

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A Pennsylvania senator is working on legislation to stop state workers from cashing in when they check out.

Sen. Pat Vance, R-Cumberland, plans to introduce a bill to stop the annuitant unemployment loophole, or so-called "triple-dipping," that allows retirees to collect their lumps sums and pensions, go back to work as annuitants for 95 days, and then file for unemployment.

Vance estimates that it has cost the state $2 million the past two years.

"Especially in a year we are facing shortages to vital services like hospitals, nursing homes, our universities are being cut," she said. "Two million may not seem like a huge amount of money, but we have to make cuts when things are being done incorrectly and there's no question this is incorrect."

Vance said she's among the state lawmakers who didn't "triple dipping" was happening until a report on abc27 News last week.

"It's not illegal," she said. "I was surprised that it wasn't and certainly believed it should be, so we wanted to act as quickly as we could."

In an election year, it's just the kind of issue lawmakers will embrace enthusiastically.
Look for this measure to move where so many others languish.

The state estimates that about 450 annuitants collect unemployment.

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