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Low-income housing project will promote healthy eating

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

From a concrete corner in downtown York City grows a fresh new idea.

"It creates some infield where really you've got a gap that really doesn't make sense, visually or architecturally," said York brokerage advisor, Kevin Hodge.

Starting in July or August, that gap, now a parking lot on the corner of College and George Streets, will be transformed into a low-income townhome village.

The George Street Commons Project is a $7 million dollar plan approved by the city in April.

"You've got residential, retail, and community space, so what it is is a very holistic approach to development," said Jessica Fieldhouse, director of the "Y' Community Development Cooperation of York.

The mixed use is a combination of low-income housing and a fresh food market set to be included.

"It's an affordable option for people who live on site and in the neighborhood to be able to have regular, easy access to fresh fruits and produce," she said.

Regular is the key word, in that fresh foods will be available outside the hours of the city's farmers markets, making it easier for residents to stay healthy.

But with the 20 units catering to families making less than $40,000 a year, concern has been raised among those who think the city need to focus more on high end development.

"In order to have a thriving downtown, you have to have a mix of all socio-economic backgrounds," Fieldhouse said in response.

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