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McQueary takes stand at Sandusky trial

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Mike McQueary at a preliminary hearing for two Penn State administrators charged with perjury in the Sandusky case. Mike McQueary at a preliminary hearing for two Penn State administrators charged with perjury in the Sandusky case.
Jerry Sandusky appears for the second day of his trial Tuesday. Jerry Sandusky appears for the second day of his trial Tuesday.
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Former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary told jurors at Jerry Sandusky's trial that he saw his former colleague with a young boy in an on-campus shower and that he heard a "skin-on-skin smacking sound."

"I became very much alerted and embarrassed that I was walking in on something," McQueary said.

McQueary told the jury Tuesday that he had been at home, watching the movie "Rudy," when he decided to go to the Lasch Football Building to look at some recruiting videos. In an account similar to his testimony at the preliminary hearing of two Penn State officials charged with perjury in the case, McQueary said he walked into the support staff locker room to put away a new pair of sneakers he bought earlier that day.

He said that as he was opening his locker, he looked into a mirror and saw Sandusky standing behind a boy who was propped up against the shower.

"He is right up against him, his back with his front, the boy's hands are up on the wall," McQueary said. "The glance would have only taken one or two seconds. I immediately turned back to my locker. I was trying to digest what I just saw."

McQueary said he then stepped a few paces to his right to get a glance with his own eyes. He said he saw Sandusky standing against the back of a young boy with the boy's hands up against the shower wall. He said Sandusky's arms were wrapped around the boy's midsection.

He said the prepubescent boy was between 10 and 12 years old and about chest-high to Sandusky. He told the jury that he did not hear the slapping sounds when he saw Sandusky and the boy, but witnessed "slow movement from Sandusky's midsection."

He said he was "extremely alarmed, extremely flustered, extremely shocked, all those things."

"I went back to my locker, which was two or three paces away from where I was just standing. I tried to think," he said. "I put the shoes in the locker, shut the locker door as hard as I could."

"I made the loud noise in an attempt to say 'Someone's here! Break it up!'" he told the jury. He said at that time, Sandusky and the boy were separated and looking right at him.

"We looked directly in each others's eyes," he said.

He said he then left the locker room and went upstairs to his office because he "wasn't thinking 100 percent right."

"It was more than my brain could handle," he said. "I was making decisions on the fly. I picked up the phone and called my father to get advice from the person I trusted most in my life, because I just saw something ridiculous."

McQueary said he told his father, John, the "surface" of what he had seen, and that his father told him to come to their house, which was about 5-7 minutes from the Lasch Building.

He told the jury he talked to his father and a family friend. He said he didn't go into details, but made sure they knew it was "sexual, wrong and perverse." His father and the friend told him to tell Coach Joe Paterno, he said.

He testified that he called Paterno in the morning and later spoke with the coach at his house. He said he made it known that what he witnessed was sexual.

McQueary said he received a phone call from Penn State athletic director Tim Curley about a week after he talked to Paterno, and later met with Curley and university vice president Gary Schultz, who was head of the university police department.

He said he talked to Curley one or two weeks after their conversation and was told they had looked into what McQueary had said. McQueary said that because Schultz represented the police to him, he did not report the incident to anyone else.

McQueary said he saw Sandusky after the locker room incident, but nothing was ever said between them.

"If Jerry came in the equipment room, I would get up and leave real fast," he told the jury. "I think people became suspicious of my actions. I would say 'I just don't care to be around him.'"

Under cross-examination from assistant defense attorney Karl Rominger, McQueary said he believes he made eye contact with Sandusky and the boy, but said he is not certain if Sandusky saw him.

Rominger also questioned McQueary about a message he sent to friends after a public outcry last November that he should have done more to stop the alleged assault. In the message, McQueary wrote "I didn't just turn and run, I made sure it stopped."

McQueary replied that he did make sure it had stopped by slamming his locker door. "The sexual action that I witness had stopped," he said. "They were separated."

Rominger pressed him on the matter in a later question, but McQueary insisted that slamming locker door was "doing something to stop it." "I physically did not remove the boy from the shower," he said. "I did not go punch Jerry out."

Rominger also questioned McQueary about the date of the alleged incident. Initially reported to have occurred in March 2002, McQueary later said it happened in February 2001. Rominger asked McQueary if he settled on the date, or if it was prosecutors and police.

"I recall a lot of things in my life that are very clear and vivid, but I don't recall the dates to them, sir," McQueary replied, before explaining that he has since looked at Penn State employment records, since he was still a graduate assistant and had not yet been hired as an assistant coach when he reported the incident.

Rominger also asked McQueary about discrepancies in his estimate of the boy's age. He answered that the exact age doesn't matter.

"The fact is he had sex with a minor boy," he said.

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