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Beware of Sports Drinks – They Can Damage Your Teeth…

Lollipops are a cavity on a stick and soda is pure sugar in a can. Candy and soda cause tooth decay. You've been taught this since grade school. This is not news, is it? Well, what about the fact that sports drinks ruin your teeth, too? Heard that one before?

Dr. Teodora Bonney and the team at 'Nbraces want to make sure you understand sports drinks can damage healthy teeth. Actually, "erode" is more like the term, especially around the brackets while wearing braces. These sort of drinks erode your teeth by "demineralization," or reducing the minerals in the outer tooth enamel and also the dentin ("dentin" is a yellowish, calcified tissue underneath the tooth enamel). It doesn't affect the enamel underneath the braces covered by the brackets.

Dental erosion is common. It happens when you lose tooth structure since acids dissolve enamel and dentin. When your teeth are exposed to an acidic substance like a sports drink, soda, or candy, dental erosion is not far behind.

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