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Sandusky Trial: What is histrionic personality disorder?

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While prosecutors say Jerry Sandusky is a pedophile, attorneys for the former Penn State assistant football coach are expected to assert Sandusky suffers from histrionic personality disorder. They could argue the condition explains some of Sandusky's charges.

What it histrionic personality disorder?

"The histrionic personality disorder uses kind of like the flirtatiousness, sexual innuendos, touching, a lot of seductive kinds of manipulation," psychologist Dr. Pauline Wallin said.

According to Wallin, those with the condition like to also be the center of attention and lack empathy for others' feelings.

"There is no known correlation between histrionic personality disorder and predatory behavior," Wallin said.

So why even discuss it in court?

Harrisburg attorney Corky Goldstein has no connection to the case, but thinks the defense is just trying to do what it can.

"I don't think the defense has any other alternative," Goldstein said. "Maybe that's what they are trying to do, to do something to help him. Not that he would get out of this with what they are bringing."

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