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Victim experts: Dottie Sandusky testimony doesn't discredit accusers

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Sketch courtesy of Art Lien Sketch courtesy of Art Lien

Dottie Sandusky took the stand for 35 minutes Tuesday afternoon and stood by her man.

Jerry Sandusky's wife of 45 years testified that after years of trying to conceive, the couple turned to adoption and took in six children of their own. But she said even after that, they still tried to help as many disadvantaged children as possible through Jerry's Second Mile charity.

She said every time they took a child to a football game or trip, they paid for everything. When asked about an incident she witnessed in a hotel room involving alleged Victim 4 during the 1999 Alamo Bowl, Dottie said she walked into the bathroom and found Jerry yelling at the teen. That accuser, now 28, testified last week the altercation happened because he refused to engage in oral sex with Sandusky, but on the stand Dottie alleged it was because the boy refused to go to a luncheon they had already paid $50 for.

When asked by prosecutors if the boys were good kids overall, Dottie said Victim 4 had a lot of problems and was "very demanding and conniving." She described Victim 1 as "very clingy to Jerry," and said Victim 9 was "a charmer who knew what to say and when to say it."

She also said years after the alleged abuse occurred, several of the victims continued contact with Jerry. Most notably, Victim 4 brought his newborn to the home after becoming a father and had dinner with the Sandusky's, while Victim 9 attended a Penn State football game with them in the fall of 2011.

Experts said those facts do not discredit the alleged victims.

"These relationships are complex and it's normal to maintain contact and celebrate things like family milestones or holidays with people you love and care about," Kristen Houser with PA Coalition Against Rape said. "As a child victim ages, they may no longer feel at risk by continued abuse by this perpetrator."

The big question that still remains is whether or Jerry Sandusky will take the stand in his own defense. Judge John Cleland said the defense is still expected to wrap up Wednesday afternoon, and the prosecution will then have an opportunity to issue a rebuttal. Closing arguments are expected to take place Thursday morning. The jury will then get the case and will be sequestered until a verdict is reached.

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