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Update: Sandusky restraining order requests come from fake addresses

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UPDATE: On Tuesday afternoon abc27 News verified that the address listed on the injunction detailed below and filed by Jonathan Bollinger, was that of a comedy club in Philadelphia. The club said that no one by that name works there. In addition, the United States District Court Western District of Wisconsin said that the filer of this injunction, Jonathan Bollinger, did not submit the $350 filing fee or a civil complaint, which are required for the court to move forward. We have not been able to verify if Jonathan Bollinger is, in-fact, related to the former Wisconsin football player, as he states in his paperwork.  

On Wednesday, abc27 News also obtained a copy of an injunction for a restraining order from a man claiming to be Jonathan Paterno, Joe Paterno's grandson. The Paterno family spokesman, Dan McGinn, told abc27 News that no one in the Paterno family filed this paperwork nor is anyone in the family claiming this abuse. In the paperwork, the filer writes that he was a member of the Penn State marching band when, in 1992, Sandusky forced him to perform oral sex on him during halftime at the Notre Dame game. The filer requested that the court, the United States District Court Northern District of Indiana, waive his filing fee. The address listed on his paperwork was that of a Chuck E. Cheese's in Philadelphia. 

A Philadelphia man has filed a preliminary injunction in federal court seeking a restraining order against Jerry Sandusky in the wake of his conviction last Friday on 45 counts of child sexual abuse, abc27 News has learned.

In the one-page document filed in U.S. District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin Tuesday, the plaintiff alleges Sandusky molested and threatened him during a Penn State vs. Wisconsin football game in 2002.

The man, who claims he is a relative of a former Wisconsin player, appears to have drafted the injunction himself, saying he faces "imminent danger" due to an incident during the third quarter of the game, which occurred on October 5, 2002, while he was using a urinal inside Camp Randall Stadium.

"While urinating, I was approached by defendant Jerry Sandusky who said he was traveling with Penn State and asked me if I wanted a signed Joe Paterno autograph, and I told him to leave me alone because I was peeing, and Sandusky said to me 'let me touch it' and reached in the urinal and grabbed my penis, further {sic} saying to me 'let me make your sexual fantisy's come trlje {sic}.' I told him stop molesting me and I'm reporting him to the police. Sandusky then left but gave me a fair warning, 'If you tell a soul I tocuhed {sic} your penis, I will kill you' and left."

The man goes on to say that after the game he told his relative and then-head coach Barry Alvarez, Brian White and Kevin Cosgrove.

"The coaching staff told me they are friends with Sandusky and won't help me," he wrote. "I have suffered emotional distress since. I fear Sandusky is going to kill me."

Sandusky's defense attorney Karl Rominger told abc27 he does not believe this claim to be true, and said these types of legal actions are expected after a big verdict.

"This is Pandora's Box that's been opened," he said. "Once the jury convicted Jerry Sandusky, there will be what people consider to be legitimate claims, and then there will be 100 illegitimate claims, but they will all seem alike factually. Fortunately this is one that's a little out there and I think everyone can dismiss."

Rominger said he believes Sandusky will be released from jail after winning an appeal, but said filing a restraining order against him is "premature" at this point.

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