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Man files complaint against restaurant's church discount

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The controversy is over a discount offered to customers who bring in church bulletins on Sundays.

The restaurant says they are trying to drum up business, but a local atheist says it's discrimination.

Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia , Lancaster County has been in business for 22 years. Co-owner Sharon Prudhomme disagrees.

"We're like Cheers: I don't care if your purple or polka dots everybody is welcome here."

But not everyone feels that way. Eighty-year-old John Wolff, an atheist, says the restaurant is discriminating against him.

Wolff, a member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation said, "I saw they offer a discount for church goers on Sunday and that rubbed me the wrong way."

At Prudhomme's Anyone who brings in a church bulletin can get a 10 percent discount on Sundays.

"It was just an innocent little marketing deal for Sundays," Prudhomme said. "That's all it is, that's all it will ever be."

Wolff disagrees.

"It rubbed me the wrong way because the implication is that they reward church goers and I'm not one , so I'm not as good as the next church goer and that's not true."

Wolff filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission saying the restaurant was violating the Human Relations Act -- discriminating based on religious creed.

Prudhomme has also received two letters and a phone call from the Freedom from religion Foundation demanding they stop the promotion

"I live in America," Prudhomme said. "I am an American I'm working hard. We're here 7 days a week for 22 years. I said, 'I will advertise as I see fit."

Wolff says he isn't trying to hurt the business- but start a conversation.

"I just hope it would lead to some reflection," he said, "and perhaps a more open mind to non-religious people."

Prudhomme now has 30 days to submit a written response to the complaint.

If the Human Relations Commission finds they are violating the law, they will have to stop offering the discount.

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