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Midstate woman recovering from flesh-eating disease

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Flesh-eating diseases are something you hear about, often in the national news, but something few of us ever experience. Now a Perry County woman is recovering from a such a bacteria, and now she's speaking out to warn others that it can happen to them too.

It's been a tough few months for Dixie Finch. A flesh-eating disease ate away about a quarter of her leg.

It started as a boil on her leg that popped open. Two days later, Dixie noticed the flesh-eating disease. Within a week, she had an open wound that took over about a quarter of her leg -- an inch-and-a-half deep.

"Really, really painful. I was sedated a lot," Dixie said. "It was very, very, very scary. I was told how I could have lost my leg, how I could have lost my life."

"Very scary because I didn't know what was happening," husband Don Finch said.

"I walk like a peg leg because it's numb and I have no feeling," Dixie said.

Dixie says that's the least of her worries. Her biggest concern now is more than $300,000 in medical bills.

"My wife hasn't worked in three years because of back problems," Don said. "I'm self-employed. And insurance companies want a mortgage payment a month. You work all your life to get a good credit score, establish yourself, then something like this knocks you down."

Through the physical and financial hardships, the Finches are remaining optimistic.

"I'm relieved that she is gonna be okay and we know what to look for," said Don.

"Thank you so much to my family who has rallied through this whole mess," said Dixie. "Of course, I can't wear daisy duke shorts no more."

The Finches could use some help covering their medical costs.

A fund has been set up. Stop by any Metro Bank and ask to make a contribution to the Dixie Finch NF Fund.

You can also stop by a benefit car wash. It's on August 19 at the Metro Bank in Carlisle from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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