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Lancaster County

Two dog flu cases reported in Lancaster County

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VCA Smoketown Boarding Facility has two confirmed cases of CIV and are already taking steps towards limiting the spread, treating the suspected cases and communicating with pet owners in the Lancaster area.

Thursday night, they received confirmation of two dogs testing positive for H3N8, Canine Influenza Virus or CIV. They are awaiting two separate tests on other possible cases and think that up to 35 dogs have been exposed.

The 35 exposed dogs are being treated with antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infections. Pet owners that picked up their dogs from the boarding facility since Monday, July 23 are being asked to come in to pick up the antibiotics. Currently, 24 dogs are still in the facility and they are in the process of contacting their owners to pick up the dogs. It is being recommended that exposed dogs stay on the antibiotics and stay quarantined from other dogs for 7-10 days avoiding social settings like dog parks.

Efforts are already underway with disinfection protocols. The boarding facility will remain closed as a precaution for seven days from the final exposed dog being picked up.

The animal hospital remains unaffected and is open. There is a separate entrance and additional disinfection protocols are being observed as a precaution.

For more information on CIV, please visit www.doginfluenza.com.

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