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Update: Cleeves to be extradited, investigation continues

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Kevin Cleeves waived an extradition hearing on Monday and will soon be extradited back to Franklin County, according to Pennsylvania State Police. 

Cleeves was arrested on Saturday in Ohio. Police say he was captured there with his four-year-old daughter Leia after he fatally shot three people in Quincy Township Friday evening.

According to court papers, Cleeves has admitted to the crimes, saying "he messed up".

He told state troopers that on Friday night he intended to discuss custody issues with his estranged wife, Brandi Cleeves at the home of her boyfriend. The home, at 7705 Anthony Highway, was shared by her boyfriend, Vincent Santucci Junior and his mother, Rosemary "Linda" Holma.

Cleeves told police when he got to the home he saw his wife and Santucci in a car in the driveway.  His daughter was in the car with them.  According to court documents, Cleeves confronted both of them and Santucci told him to get off his property.

Then, Cleeves shot Santucci while Santucci was in the car. Brandi jumped out. Cleeves told police he then shot her.

Santucci's mother ran out of the house and Cleeves said he shot her as well.

On Monday, make-shift memorials were laid in the driveway to commemorate the victims.

Rosemary Linda Holma was an emergency room nurse at Chambersburg Hospital. Her co-workers remember her fondly.

Candace Latta, who is also a nurse in the emergency room said many of the nurses called Holma "Mama Linda" because of her caring qualities.

"The community lost an amazing nurse, and the E. R. lost a friend and colleague," Latta said. "We are still struggling with the thought of losing her for something so senseless."

Dr. Michael Coriale, who also works in the emergency room, likened Holma to the quarterback of a football team, saying work will not be the same without her.

Investigators believe Holma had come running out of the house to render aid to her son and his girlfriend. Some say it was this selfless act that cost her her life.

Coriale said it doesn't surprise him that she put others before herself.

"Nobody deserves to meet their end that way, but if anybody did it would be Linda, she was so selfless and always trying to help people," he said.

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