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Will August Continue With Accelerated Heat??

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July 31, 2012

17 days is the official count for 90 degree days in July...not counting today of course. With the clouds this morning, we should struggle to get into the mid 80s today. Therefore, it looks like we have reached our limit for 90 degree weather -- at least for this month. Don't get used this brief "cool-down" though. Here's the Climate Prediction Center's latest outlook for next month (which starts tomorrow of course):

You'll notice again that most of the country is projected to have above normal temperatures for the month of August. This includes a bullseye over the Central U.S. which has been baking for most of the summer. Pennsylvania also is included in the above normal projections and if July's warm streak continues there's no reason to think the CPC folks are out to lunch in this case.

The one good piece of news in all this is that there will be chances of rain nearly everyday this week and over the weekend. Those of you that continue to have dry backyards...there is some hope on the way. Don't forget we have daily forecast updates on StormTrack Center 24/7. Click on the live weather link in abc27.com/weather for a live feed right on your computer or smart phone.

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