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Lancaster County

Police: Man killed woman in front of her daughter

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The quiet tranquility of a Lancaster County farm community has been broken. It was interrupted by empty beer cans, an empty home, and the screams of a young girl.  
Janet Evens owns a cabin on Truce Road in New Providence Township.  Back in February, she rented it out to a couple with young children. But their stay would be short lived. 

Wednesday evening, the body of 42-year-old Virginia Cole was found on the living room floor. Police said 33-year-old Shane Sigman, said to be her boyfriend, was passed out drunk next to her.

Evens was not in her nearby home when police said Cole's blood-soaked 12-year-old daughter came running, climbing a fence into another neighbor's yard.  The young girl said she had witnessed an alcohol-fueled argument between her mother and Sigman. 

Police said the girl told them what happened.
"My mom was there, he was hitting my mom, he had a gun and he pushed her down the steps," the girl said, according to court documents.  

After that, the girl told police Sigman turned to her, stating, "I hate you b***."

Police said Sigman then kicked the child in the mouth.

Court documents also show that Sigman admitted to police that he pushed his girlfriend down the steps causing her death and that he "kicked" at the 12-year-old. 

Sigman was arrested and charged with criminal homicide and simple assault. 


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