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Jabril, seeks loving family for adoption

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Jabril has been in foster care for years. He hopes to one day be adopted by a loving family.

Jabril is a great student and his two favorite subjects are reading and math. When he grows up, he wants to become either a firefighter or teacher.

Jabril is very active and says he likes to go to the park. He loves sports and his favorite is baseball.

Peter Lam, Jabril's adoption worker, said "Jabril is a very sociable child and friendly. A very sweet kid."

The boy would like a family where he can have siblings and lots of animals.

Jabril said he likes "cows, horses, chickens, and pigs" and would enjoy living on a farm.

Anyone interested in adopting Jabril should contact adoptpakids.com or call 1-800-585-7926.

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