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Millersburg parents upset after students denied lunch

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Eighth grader Tyler Boyer was trying to pay for his school lunch this week when he found his food account had a negative balance of five dollars.

The Millersburg Middle School student said he was going to buy a chicken wrap with broccoli and chocolate milk. Then, he said, the lunch lady took his tray away.

"So I went over and sat down," Boyer said.

Boyer said he would have gone home hungry if a teacher didn't notice him sitting at a cafeteria table without food. He said the teacher ended up buying him lunch.

Parents in the Millersburg Area School District said Boyer was not the only one denied a lunch. They said it happened to others in the middle and high schools.

"I am outraged at the situation that happened," Tyler's mother, Gina Donges, said. "I feel that no child should go without a meal just because they are a couple of dollars delinquent."

"They (my sons) have been negative before and as soon as I find out about it, I send a check," she added. "I sent a check of $50 since I found this out."

Superintendent Sheree-Lee S. Knorr said this has been a long-standing rule; if students have a negative balance of $5 in their accounts, they don't get lunch.

She said the rule has not been enforced consistently and a reminder was supposed to go out to parents, but didn't until this week.

Knorr said she could understand why parents are upset.

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