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Midstaters go 'Ghostbusters' over Aykroyd visit

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Ghostbusters and Blues Brothers were seen roaming around Lower Paxton Township Friday. They were on their way to see actor, Dan Aykroyd.

He wasn't in the Midstate to combat ghosts or sing the blues, but to sign autographs and promote his very own brand of vodka.

"[I'm] Santa Clause for adults today," Aykroyd joked, as he signed a skull-shaped bottle.

It was like Christmas morning for hundreds of his fans. They stood in line for hours. Some dressed-up as their favorite Aykroyd characters.

"Whenever we have the signings, we have a good contingent of Ghostbusters showing up," Aykroyd said.

The die-hards showed-off their own ectomobiles, complete with theme music.

Todd Couzins of New Oxford is a Ghostbusters fan who came out to see Aykroyd Friday.

"It's just one of those movies that had an impression on me, it's funny and it stands the test of time," she said .

"I like Ghostbusters," said Teresa Gonzalez of Harrisburg. "And I really like some of the things he did with SNL, with the bag of glass."

"I like when he says he's a wild and crazy guy and I imagine he probably is because he makes vodka for a hobby," said Dave Breidensteine of Lebanon.

His vodka is exactly why Aykroyd was in the Midstate. He posed for pictures and signed bottles of his Crystal Head vodka.

"We stripped out all of the oils so it's the cleanest vodka on the planet, it's the bartender's friend," Aykroyd said.

As for the bottle, it's a crystal clear glass skull, inspired by the clear head legend.

"They were used by the Myans, the Navaho, the Sunni, and the Aztec as a scrying device, a crystal ball, in essence, to positive-ize and enlighten the tribe," said Aykroyd. "So what else could we put in this beautiful bottle but a substance that's the cleanest vodka on the planet."

Aykroyd said 3- million bottles of Crystal Head vodka have been sold in 23 different countries.

The 1.75 liter bottle costs $99.99.

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