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Ridge blasts Obama for attack on Libyan embassy

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The man who once ran Pennsylvania was highly critical Monday of the guy currently living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Former Republican Governor Tom Ridge, the nation's first Homeland Security chief, blasted the Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama, for the terrorist attack on the American embassy in Libya.

The presidential election is in 35 days and politics can always be considered a motivation, but the comment was especially harsh for the normally understated Ridge, who all but called Obama incompetent in foreign affairs.

The topic was the attack on the embassy and the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

When specifically asked if an American embassy in the Middle East was shockingly under-protected and unprepared on the anniversary of September 11, Ridge said "yes." Then he pointed a finger at the Obama Administration.

"The fact that they didn't have more security around this man, who is at the epicenter of a lot of the good that we did in Libya, is beyond comprehension, I think inexcusable," Ridge said. "In spite of their ability to justify it or explain it away, it should linger in the minds of everybody that they just weren't up to the task. That's just Libya. Then take a look at the unrest around the Middle East and you might say to yourself, 'Is the administration up to the task to handle these complex foreign affairs?'"

Ridge also questioned the storyline of the assault. It was first portrayed as a spontaneous uprising of hatred toward an anti-Muslim movie made in America. It has since been determined to be a planned, four-hour siege by terrorists.

"One of the disturbing aspects of that murder is the changing interpretations and lack of interpretation by the Obama Administration, candidly," Ridge said.

An Obama spokesman reacted late Monday afternoon saying the President is happy to have a foreign policy debate with Republicans.

"The president promised a few things in 2008," David Plouffe said. "He'd end the Iraq war, he did. He would take the fight to Al Qaeda and degrade them, he has. He would focus on bin Laden and bring him to justice, we did."

The President might get his wish. The first debate between the candidates is Wednesday night. You can see it on abc27 at 9 p.m.

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