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Cumberland County homeowners could see large property tax hike

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Home owners in Cumberland County are talking about a plan to raise property taxes by more than 20 percent.

Right now, this is just a suggestion. Commissioners were told Monday during a budget presentation that they may need to increase property taxes by 22.5 percent to get through next year.

For a home worth $200,000, that would be a $110 hike from $490 to $600. That may seem drastic, and it may not happen. Still, commissioners say something needs to be done to pay for services like prisons and 911.

"We have for the last three years aggressively held taxes with no increase. We have found savings and will continue to find savings, that's why they call it a budget," commissioner Barbara Cross said. "As you would at home, you continue to look at the bottom line and how throughout the course of the year you can make those adjustments."

Home owners like Eric Barcavage of East Pennsboro Township say that hike's just way too much.

"It would have been nice if it were a smaller percentage, around four or six-percent," he said. "This is a large amount of money to come up with at one time. It's going to put a strain on families for sure."

Commissioners will begin budget hearings Thursday. The final budget is due in mid-December.

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