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Country star Brad Paisley grants man's dying wish

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A year after the passing of his wife in 2010, Lee Feldman was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and set out on a musical journey.

The musician gave away his collection of guitars but wanted to put his prized possession, his favorite custom guitar, in the hands of someone who would play it - and play it well.

"I always said that I wanted to die quickly, have a heart attack and keel over, and I changed my mind," Feldman said. "I'm suffering, but I got to say goodbye to so many friends. I found people I didn't even know were friends."

Feldman says he found one such friend in a dream.

"I said to no one in particular, 'What can I do with this guitar?' and a voice said 'Give it to Brad Paisley,'" Feldman said.

A "bucket list" post on Facebook and a series of other events took his vision coast to coast and Feldman's dream came true. He handed over his prized electric guitar to Paisley before his concert Saturday in Hershey.

"He got down on his one knee, resting, looking up at Lee who was sitting in a wheelchair," Feldman's friend Joyce said. "That was truly, truly awesome."

"I said, 'Let me put it back in the case so I can talk to you,'" Feldman said. "He said, 'No I want to hold it' and he held onto it. He couldn't believe how beautiful the guitar was."

The teary eyed country star revealed that his grandfather had passed from the same disease and promised that Feldman's gift would be no trophy, that he would play "the heck out of  it."

It was exactly what Feldman wanted; for his prized guitar to live on. Paisley has said he may use it on his next album.

Feldman will hold on to one instrument: his Native American flute. He says he wants to be buried with it.

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