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Harrisburg receiver takes questions from public in open forum

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On Thursday night, Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson took her "State of the City" address on the road and also offered a special guest for city residents.

Major General William Lynch appeared with the mayor at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. Lynch is the state-appointed receiver overseeing Harrisburg's financial recovery.

It was his first appearance in an open forum session, after turning down many offers to appear at the well-attended forums hosted by the group Harrisburg Hope.

Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, the President of Harrisburg Hope, asked General Lynch three questions.

"Will there be creditor concessions?" Kennedy-Shaffer asked. "Will there be criminal indictments? And, will there be restitution paid to the city by those who created the incinerator debt?"

"If there are not creditor concessions this will fall apart, so we expect there will be," Lynch responded, adding that he did not know the answers to the other questions.

The owner of the store, Eric Papenfuse, tweaked those questions a bit by asking if Lynch would try to seek restitution from the law firms and advisors of the city.

"Part of where we're going is to seek to make claims against some of the very people you talk about," Lynch responded.

Former mayoral candidate Les Ford asked about negotiations with the city's labor unions, something that is very important to the city's cost-cutting efforts.

"We found in the meetings we've had with AFSCME and the Fraternal Order of Police that they are realists and they understand this is something that has to happen," said Lynch.

Lynch said there are meetings scheduled over the next two weeks with both the Fraternal Order of Police and AFSCME.

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