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Pa. looking for owners of unclaimed cash, property

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Pennsylvania is sitting on a gold mine of nearly $2 billion in unclaimed cash and property statewide that could belong to you. It's all part of state Treasury's unclaimed property and unclaimed cash program.

Melissa Merlino of Carlisle recently received a letter stating she was owed money. Melissa thought it was a scam, but it wasn't.

"Oh my gosh, I screamed! It's like winning the lottery and when I found out the amount and I couldn't believe it. It was more than $3,600," said Merlino.

The money was from a bank account that Melissa had forgot about.

State Treasury has a massive vault in the Finance Building that is like a treasure chest full of lost loot. Most of the stuff comes from bank safe deposit boxes. People leave their valuables behind or they were lost after a loved one died.

"After five years, the safe deposit box is drilled open and then the bank reports to us. Right now, we're in the process of trying to find the owners for these items," said Lindsay Caldonetti, who is the vault manager.

Treasury tries to find the rightful owners. After three years of searching, the state sells the valuables, but the money is there forever to be claimed.

Treasury is also holding onto millions in unclaimed cash.  Where does the money come from?

"It might be an escrow account on an apartment or something else. It might be a utility bill rebate," said Treasurer Rob McCord.

In central Pennsylvania alone, Treasury is banking $69 million bucks. The average claim is $1,200.

To find out if you are owed anything, you can 1-800-222-2046 or go to the Treasury's web site: patreasury.gov.


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