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Pa. House challenger critical of Marsico's expenses

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It was a brisk morning stroll for Kelly Jean McEntee and a handful of friends; nearly seven miles from Lower Paxton Township to the Capitol.

They were on a mission.

"There are people in the 105th district that struggle to put gas in their tanks to go to work and who struggle to feed their families each week," McEntee said.

McEntee is the Democrat running against longtime Republican state representative Ron Marsico. She began her walk at his house and is trying to get political mileage out of the fact that Marsico claimed more than $7,000 in expenses for miles and meals last year while on official business.

"For a legislator who lives seven miles from the Capitol to claim such expenses when he makes over 80,000 dollars a year when the average Pennsylvania family makes $50,000 for their family, those expenses are ridiculous and its time for change," McEntee said.

Marsico says the expenses are legitimate. As chair of the very busy Judiciary Committee, he's a frequent traveler and chooses mileage reimbursement over a state car. He wishes he saw McEntee on that morning stroll.

"It's a shame that I didn't know she was gonna be at my house this morning. I could've invited her in and explained the legislative reimbursement process because she needs to understand that," he said.

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