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Freed slammed by negative ad, Kane denounces it

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Exactly two weeks to election day, and the race for Pennsylvania attorney general has officially gone negative. Again.

A new television ad blasts Republican Dave Freed as being a political insider who protects corrupt politicians.

It shows Freed's photo in a prison cell and says the Cumberland County District Attorney let former Speaker of the State House John Perzel walk, didn't bring charges against an unnamed political insider and showed a quote of Freed's saying he wouldn't review how the Jerry Sandusky case was handled.

It's paid for by the Committee for Justice and Fairness, a national group out of Washington D.C. funded by Democratic Attorney Generals.

Freed called it misleading and inaccurate. The ad cites a quote from an Associated Press article -- but that article was deemed to be incorrect and a retraction published.

"It was false," Freed said. "A correction was published that could've easily been found. They chose not to find it."

Kathleen Kane was similarly victimized by a D.C.-based Republican group that ran an ad that incorrectly implied she was soft on child predators.

Kane blasted Freed for weeks for not denouncing the ad. On Tuesday, after her staff fact-checked the ad and found it to be incorrect, she immediately denounced the anti-Freed commercial, calling it misleading. She also asked that it be taken down.

"I do expect a candidate for attorney general to stand up for the truth," Kane said on Tuesday. "Regardless of whether it's in their own political interest or whether it goes against their own political ambitions."

Kane made similar comments in Monday night's attorney general debate in Harrisburg. But Freed says "not so fast!"

"Last night we hear a whole soliloquy about these ads and then the next day there's the ad from a group that's given her a hundred thousand dollars," Freed said Tuesday. "So I think some of the self righteousness rings a little bit hollow."

The reference to Perzel in the ad goes back to illegal robocalls believed to have been illegally conducted in Cumberland County by Perzel. Freed said it was investigated and before it could be proven Perzel was caught up in the much more serious Bonusgate probe, for which he is now serving a prison sentence.

"So he didn't walk," Freed said.

The reference to a political insider was apparently a Cumberland County commissioner who sent political emails on a work computer. Freed said he's not protecting that commissioner but charges weren't appropriate.

Freed is also irritated at the end of the television ad, which suggests people call him at his district office's phone number.

"I think it's bush league. I think it's highly inappropriate. We're doing busy, important work in the DA's office. We don't need to be bothered with political calls. My home number's in the book. My campaign number is out there. Use one of those but don't bother the good people who are fighting crime."

Attempts to reach the Commitee for Justice and Fairness, which placed the ad, were unsuccessful.

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