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State rep uses Twitter to connect with constituents

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Everyday, state Representative Stephen Bloom is having conversations with his constituents, but not just over the phone or in his office. He is using social media to connect with the people of the 199th District.

"It's a two-way tool, I hear from them and they hear from me and it's be a really encouraging process," Bloom said.

Bloom said he personally responds to all questions himself.

"It's almost like an ongoing virtual town hall that just never closes," he said.

Two years ago when he was running for office, Bloom made a vow to use social media to keep people in his district informed about decisions he would be making.

"I made a commitment that I would live post on Facebook and Twitter every vote I took on the final bill in the PA House," he said. "They really appreciate knowing what is going on in Harrisburg.  I've had some people say for the first time they know what's happening in Harrisburg."

It's not just a one-way street. Often, constituents will Tweet or send Facebook messages lobbying for or against a bill up to the second before Bloom votes for or against it. He says it is a commitment, but one he is proud of, and an ongoing way to make real connections with those he represents.

"Communication is essential to representation," he said.

You can follow him on Twitter at @RepBloom.

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