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Corbett blasts questioners of Sandusky investigation

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Jerry Sandusky sits in the Camp Hill state prison, but he has been thrust into the center of the statewide race for attorney general.

Democrat Kathleen Kane, who is trying to become the first female and Democrat elected to the position, has promised an investigation into the attorney general's investigation of Sandusky, who was convicted on 45 counts of child molestation and sentenced to at least 30 years behind bars. Kane has hinted at prosecutorial misconduct.

"I will find out who, what, when and why [it took so long]," Kane said during Monday night's debate in Harrisburg. "And if anyone is to be held accountable, then so be it."

Despite the successful result of the prosecution, Kane insists it took too long; 33 months from initial claim to Sandusky's arrest. Social media sites and the blogosphere are full of conspiracy theories. They suggest that Corbett intentionally slowed the investigation until after he became governor so as not to enflame the passions of Nittany Nation or lose lucrative contributions from Second Mile board members.

Corbett addressed that head on Thursday morning following multiple bill signings at Harrisburg Area Community College.

"There was no politics involved in that investigation. None. Zero," he said.

Kane specifically wonders why only one investigator was initially assigned to the case, and a drug enforcement officer at that. She also blasts the decision to give the case to a grand jury.

"As a child abuse prosecutor, I never used a grand jury. It takes too long. It is your duty as a prosecutor to get the pedophile off of the streets," she said Monday.

It should be noted that there are no known victims who claim to have been abused from the time the investigation started in late 2008 and Sandusky's arrest in November 2011. Aaron Fisher, known as Victim 1, started that investigation by accusing Sandusky. In his recently released book and in an interview with ABC News, he too expressed frustration that Sandusky wasn't arrested sooner and he suggests politics may have played a role.

Corbett calls that untrue.

"Would I have loved to have brought that case before I was elected governor? Absolutely. But if I had done what the Democrat candidate [Kane] suggests and arrested him right away, my personal belief then and now is that young man [Fisher] would never have survived a one-on-one preliminary hearing, let alone a trial," Corbett said.

Corbett said the Sandusky case was won because so many victims came forward, but it took time to find those victims and convince them to testify. Many of them, Corbett said, weren't known until after he became governor.

"There's not one person out there that will tell you that I said, 'hold that case up,'  'don't do that,' 'I'm afraid of Penn State.' Not one, because it didn't happen," Corbett said.

After Corbett's comments, Kane released a statement that said she's asking questions most Pennsylvanians have about the investigation and that she's the most likely candidate to get answers.

Kane's opponent, Republican Dave Freed, also promised to review the AG's handling of the Sandusky investigation if elected.

Several midstate prosecutors disagreed with Kane's assertion that a grand jury should never be used in a case like Sandusky. Freed and others have said a grand jury is an effective tool that they would consider using in such a case.

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